Preferred Providers


The Independent Bankers of Colorado, after careful consideration, have selected the following companies as preferred providers.  They offer products and services at substantial savings to IBC Members.

Harland Clarke

Harland is one of the nation’s leading providers of marketing services to the financial industry. Effective September, 1995 the IBC/Harland program was expanded to include more products and services provided by Harland.

IBC/Harland Program

  • The Check Program includes:
    • Discounts on personal and business checks
    • New account kits provided at no charge
    • SuperLink automated order entry installed and staff training provided at no charge
  • Other Harland services include:
    • Decision Support Services for determining account, customer, and household profitability;sales tracking; pricing models; CRA compliance
    • Direct Marketing Services for targeted and attractive bank product offerings
    • Platform automation, loan and mortgage origination software
    • ATM, debit and credit cards
    • MICR desktop printing of temporary checks, loan coupons and official checks
    • Survey Services for measuring customer satisfaction

Note: Your bank must be an IBC member and have a contractual relationship with Harland to receive product discounts.

Please contact Customer Support at Harland to be put in touch with your Sales Executive. Phone: (800) 525-8848.


Vantiv (formerly Fifth Third Processing Solutions)

We’re Vantiv. Our experienced professionals develop innovative payment processing solutions. We’ll work with you to develop programs and tools that simplify your payment strategies, while providing you with new sources of revenue. Our people, technology, and partnerships are the Vantiv difference.

What Vantiv Can Do For You
Vantiv’s payment processing services are easy to implement and use. Our products and services can help you and your cardholders settle transactions securely, accurately, and quickly. That’s reliability. That builds confidence. And that’s a competitive edge.

Card Issuing
We offer payment solutions that can be customized to your needs. Our debit services allow you to process all types of transactions on a single platform. And, our credit processing services can help you optimize revenue and reduce risk. Or we can partner with you to build a new revenue stream and reach a new audience with turnkey prepaid solutions. Our card issuing services are easy to manage and easy to implement.

ATM Driving/Surcharge Free Access
Drive new revenue with the help of Vantiv’s self-directed and managed ATM services. Choose our turnkey ATM services that give access to all our products or you can pick the ones you need. ATMs are a convenient way to strengthen relationships and build your brand. Vantiv is the engine behind the IBC’s Surcharge Free ATM Network. We also provide affordable access to several nationwide surcharge free ATM programs.

Fraud Mitigation
Our fraud tools allow you to implement up-to-the-minute strategies, helping your cardholders stay protected anytime, anywhere. Vantiv’s experts are available 24/7 to support your customized solution. Or you can turn it over to us and we’ll manage fraud from start to finish.

Merchant Services
Today’s financial institutions are in a unique position to create opportunities for your business partners. You have the ability to offer payment processing services that can reinforce and grow your key client relationships while capturing new revenue.

Advisory Services
Vantiv’s payment specialists help develop strategies to grow your debit and credit portfolios. We have powerful tools that analyze cardholder trends. And our attractive loyalty programs and reward offers can build the strength of your brand.

During these tumultuous times, you need an industry expert as your EFT partner. Please contact Heidi Shipp Saba at 303.399.8929 or today to have her create a Card & ATM portfolio analysis for your bank.  Heidi has been in the EFT arena for nearly 18 years and she is committed to helping Colorado’s community banks. Vantiv (formerly Fifth Third Processing Solutions) partners with banks across the nation to maximize revenue streams to enhance Net Interest Income (NII). We also understand the importance of customer service and ongoing industry education.

Vantiv is the Preferred Provider of ATM, Debit and Credit Card services to the Independent Bankers of Colorado and powers the IBC’s Surcharge Free ATM Network across Colorado.

Let’s discuss your future success. Visit us at

Integrated Bank Technology

Our commitment to the needs of community financial institutions has solidified us as a premier financial solutions provider. The IBE application has revolutionized the banking industry with its one of a kind software and service by allowing community financial an institution to take advantage of superior technology that levels the competitive field with the national competition.  Furthermore, the affordability of IBE not only allows community financial institutions to provide competitive products and services but also enables them to use processes that national institutions typically are not able to deploy due to cost and scalability.  The ability of our clients to surpass the capabilities of Tier 1 competition is what has made IBT the ‘go to’ provider of financial institution software solutions in the industry.  For more information contact Dan Baker at 303-308-9930 x210 or

AccuSource Solutions, Safeguard Distributor

AccuSource Solutions provides an innovative purchasing and management service for the printing and supplies area of your institution that will immediately help you save on the cost of office products, reduce administrative paperwork and increase control over supply expenditures.

With no obligation or cost to the financial institution, AccuSource Solutions will provide a detailed evaluation of your current costs associated with purchasing, storing, distributing and accounting for all your supplies.

For more information please contact Chuck Allor at 800-992-0304 or

Bankers’ Bank of the West

The BBW Bank Card Division, which began offering merchant services to community banks in 1992, is the current provider for more than 3,600 merchants in the Rocky Mountain, Great Plains and western states region. Although many IBC members are well aware of BBW’s bankcard expertise and commitment to customer service, you might not know that:

The BBW “direct” merchant services program is risk-free to the community bank.

  • Banks using BBW merchant services participate in 100% of interchange sales volume with an earning potential of up to .50% of volume.
  •  As a non-competing partner of community banks, BBW never solicits business from its bank customers, nor does it give preferential pricing to one merchant services customer bank over another.
  • On-site training for the employees of its merchant bank customers is offered by BBW at no charge.
  • Turnaround on new account approvals can be as short as 24 hours from the time the completed application is received.
  • BBW accommodates all available processing solutions including desktop terminals via analog or Ethernet; virtual terminals; online stores; and wireless and third-party gateway solutions.
  • Once your merchant is processing on the BBW program, that merchant can receive funding the following business day through its account at your community bank.
  • Merchants and community bank customers alike are supported by knowledgeable, reliable customer service from help desk professionals and BBW staff.

For more information please contact Mary Ann Elliott-Supples at 303-391-3700.

Secure Banking Solutions (SBS)

SBS is a leading information security consulting and products company that specializes in community banks. SBS partners with community banks to build a strong information security program and to create a culture of security at your community bank. SBS has a philosophy based around education and passes this along to each and every community bank they work with. Their knowledgeable staff brings many years of real banking experience to community banks in Colorado.

Along with offering industry leading products and services, SBS has also developed the SBS Institute. The SBS Institute was created to fulfill the needs of educating community bankers on specific areas in information security. The Institute currently offers six certifications:                    Certified Community Bank Security Professional (CCBSP), Certified Community Bank Technology Professional (CCBTP), Certified Community Bank Incident Handler (CCBIH), Certified Community Bank Ethical Hacker (CCBEH), Certified Community Bank Vendor Manager (CCBVM), and Certified Community Bank Board of Director (CCBBD).